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I am proud to be recommended as a private guide in Budapest and Hungary in Rick Steves' Travel Book of Eastern Europe since 2004, and in the new book of Budapest wich was first published in 2009,





and also by hundreds of clients I have guided over the past years - "References".



I also had the privilege of guiding the filming crew of a new US series of History Channel called the Cities of the Underworld.


This great show takes you into the hidden parts of Budapest such as caves, tunnels, underground establishments. I appear in the part which covers the cave hospital of Budapest which had been a secret nuclear bomb shelter during the cold war!

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My name is Andrea Makkay, I am a licensed, private guide in Budapest, Hungary.


In front of the Houses of Parliament with Rick (2018)

I am a native Hungarian, born in Budapest and have worked as a licensed, private guide since 1995. I have a University educational background and I speak English and Spanish. I love my work and I am very enthusiastic to show people all the beauty in Budapest and Hungary, which was forgotten for almost 50 years! I am very enthusiastic in my work, as I think it is great that I can give people an insight about Hungary.

I was growing up during the communist regime, but by the time I grew up, it collapsed almost overnight. This gives me a special view on our recent history, but I am also a member of that generation that already had the chance to travel and see other parts of Europe and the world as well.


Let me be your private guide while in Budapest and discover much more with me than you would ever be able to do on your own!

I arrange private tours to give all those details, you can not always read in a book! If you would like to learn a lot about Budapest, the history, the culture, the traditions and everyday life of Hungarians, the best is to come with me on a private tour and get a more in depth experience! It is always difficult to get to know a city or a country, especially if you have limited amount of time. The great advantage of hiring a private guide is that you do not have to follow anybody else's itinerary, you may just focus on what you are really interested in! I will shape the tour according to what you would like to see. If you are not really sure what that is, I will make recommendations about what to include.

To see the beautiful buildings and sites is one part of the picture, but to learn about the people and about how they live will make you understand the culture and the history much more!  



On Heroes' Square with Rick in 2018

I have met Rick (Steves) for the first time in 2003, when he was gathering material for his guide book on Eastern Europe and Budapest! It was a wonderful experience to help him writing the book! Eversince we are keeping in touch and and also with Cameron Hewitt (co-author of the books). Rick is a wonderful inspiration to me, he is always improving and updating the guidebooks, so that the information in them would remain relevant and valid to the travellers. I always keep this in mind when I guide and try to live up to the expectations! His passion is travelling and letting people know about how to do it well and over the years the very same became by misssion too!


Budapest is a glamorous city with a fascinating history.

Would you like to wander on the cobblestones of the old castle district, enjoy breath-taking views from the Fishermen's Bastion, cross the blue Danube on the beautiful Chain bridge, visit the incredible halls of the Parliament or the State Opera House, feel tiny while standing on gigantic Heroes' Square, relax in Gellért Bath or sit in a coffee house to watch how the sun goes down behind the majestic Royal Palace?

You will find all these in Budapest and much more …  


Budapest - this truly beautiful city - is often referred to as the "Paris of the East" or the "Pearl of the Danube". The city has a fantastic location, as it is divided into two different parts by the river Danube (Buda and Pest).



The Buda side is the smaller side, which has some hills and slopes and has historical buildings in the castle district area dating back to the 17th - 18th century (the reason for not having older monuments is the stormy history of Hungary, full of fights and occupations and the damage of World War II.) The castle district area is under the protection of UNESCO's World Heritage Foundation, comprising such buildings as Matthias Church, Fishermen's Bastion and the Royal Palace.


This fascinating show of US History Channel takes you into the hidden parts of the underworld of Budapest!

The Pest side mainly dates back to the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, when Hungary had a golden age and belonged to the great Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The present day look of the Pest side is a reminder of the period, when Hungary was flourishing and was a very powerful European nation. Such splendid and magnificent buildings as the Parliament building, the State Opera House, St. Stephen Basilica, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Great Synagogue and many others date back this time period. After the World Wars Hungary became a communist country and was forgotten together with the rest of the other communist countries. Now Hungary faces great revival and prosperity! It is a truly modern and vivid European capital which provides a great combination of 21st century modern lifestyle and the rich historical background!

You will find all of these in a city that is full of life - BUDAPEST!


There are two ways for touring Budapest: tours by minivan or walking tours. The tours which are by minivan are really great ways to explore the city and there is also the possibility for walking tours. Outside of Budapest all tours are conducted by minivan (and driver) plus the guide. Please read more about the different types of tours under "Tours"!

You may find out about possible cultural programs in Budapest such as folklore shows, concerts, boat cruises and dinner cruises under "Programs"!

(I am happy to help you with making reservations for these events!)

In case you plan to visit other European destinations and you are looking for private guides there please visit the section under "Guiding" where you may find guides whom I recommend!

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