Gödöllő is a cute little town, just outside Budapest.


Gödöllő Palace is one of the most important and largest monuments of the 18th century Hungarian Baroque Palace architecture. The building underwent several enlargements and modifications throughout the centuries.

The decision of Parliament designated it the resting residence of the Hungarian Monarch in the 19th century. This state lasted until 1918, until which time Francis Joseph and later Charles IV (Habsburg kings) and the royal family spent several months in Gödöllõ every year.


It also became the most popular summer residence of Queen Elisabeth (nicknamed as Sissi).

Due to the extensive restoration of the past years, it regained its original style and glamour.


This tour can only be a tour by minivan and it is a half day (4hrs) tour. It may be combined with another half day, so then it would be a full day.

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