The best investment is to have your own private guide in Budapest!


You can receive authentic information from a friendly, knowledgeable, local guide who can also help you with recommendations for restaurants, other sights to see, cultural events, concerts, etc.


Besides you can be flexible, you may change your mind about the tour itinerary even during the tour!

Private Guiding

Why hire a personal private guide?

Meet a friendly, knowledgeable, local guide who will guide you through the city.

Have a personal connection with your guide, you can ask questions and discuss interesting issues.

You can be flexible, change your itinerary even during the tour.

No need to follow groups and wait for other people.

You will feel like a local friend not as a typical tourist.

Availability for tours / Arranging other guides

When you are in the process of planning your trip, please enquire about your preferred date for your tour/s as early as you can, as sometimes I am already booked especially during the high season (May, September and October).

But even in such case I can help you! Due to the increasing demand for private tours and the many recommendations for my guiding services I have so many requests that I have created a circle of licensed, top rated, experienced, quality guides whom I arrange for the tours. I have couple of excellent guide colleagues whom I have arranged many times before. So in case I am not available I can check out their availability and book the dates with one of them for your tour/s.
Please NOTE that I only arrange experienced, licensed guides, whom I personally know and trust, who are nice and fun persons, knowledgeable guides and speak very good English.



Book your tour via e-mail as early as possible, no deposit is needed!

Try to let me know about the planned time of your visit well in advance - so I can reserve the time for your tour(s) or arrange a colleague.

Please feel free to ask questions, so I can plan your personal itinerary and you may get the most out of your visit!