Andrea Makkay, private tour guide, Budapest
Andrea Makkay

I was born in Budapest, I know and truly love this city!


It is glamorous and cheeky, beautiful and exciting, vibrant but calm, cosmopolitan but truly Hungarian, modern but old fashioned, all of these and a lot more, at the same time!  I am proud to be able to call it my home.


I have been working as a licensed, private guide since 1995. I have University educational background (degrees in economics & translation), I speak English and Spanish. I live with my husband and 2 teenage daughters.


I love guiding, meeting new people and showing them all the beauty in Budapest and Hungary!  I am very enthusiastic in my work, as I think it is so great that I can give the visitors the perspective of a local person. I grew up during the communist regime, but by the time I have finished high school, the old system had collapsed almost overnight. This gives me a special view on our recent history, but I am also a member of that generation, that already had the chance to travel and see other parts of Europe and the world.


Nowadays with the help of modern technology, it takes only a few minutes to find out about facts, places, dates or names. I strongly believe in it, that when you travel, you should make local connections, get immersed in the local culture, the local way of life or the local food. This would give you the most rewarding experience. You should always look for what makes a county different from yours, of course it is also interesting to come to realize, there are so many things, customs and traditions, that are just the same. I think that this is the real purpose of travel! This would make you understand and appreciate more the wonderful, divers world that we live in.


My aim is to provide you with the unique experience you deserve. Because Budapest is such a special, unique and mysterious city … let me help you solve this mystery!

Why hire a personal private guide?


Meet a friendly, knowledgeable, local guide, who will guide you through the city.

Have personal connection with your guide, you can ask questions and discuss interesting issues, views and topics.

You can be flexible, change your itinerary even during the tour!

No need to follow groups and wait for other people.

You will feel like a local friend not a typical tourist.

Get  a deeper understanding of the history, the local culture and traditions.


The best investment is to have your own, personal  guide in Budapest!


You may receive authentic information, tips, suggestions from a friendly, knowledgeable, local guide, who can also help you with recommendations for restaurants, other sights to see, cultural events, concerts, etc.

Besides you can be flexible, you may change your mind about the exact tour itinerary even during the tour!


You can plan ahead as you would know in advance what you would see on your tour. However you may change the tour itinerary if your plans change!  Since there would be only your party on the tour, it is much more time efficient, than being with a large group.  This way you can really maximize your time!

Availability for tours & arranging other guides.


When you are planning your trip, please inquire about your preferred date for your tour/s as early as you can, as sometimes I am already booked especially during the high season (May, Sept & Oct).


But even in such case I can help you!

Due to the increasing demand for private tours and the many recommendations of my guiding services, I have had so many requests, that I have created a group of licensed, top rated, experienced, quality guides, whom I arrange for the tours. So in case I am not available, I can check out their availability and book the dates with one of them for your tour/s.

Please NOTE, that I only arrange experienced, licensed, professional tour guides, whom I personally know and trust, are nice and fun persons, knowledgeable guides and speak very good English.




Book your tour via e-mail as early as possible, no deposit is needed!

Try to let me know about the planned time of your visit well in advance - so I can reserve the time for your tour/s or arrange a great colleague.

In case of a last minute visit to Budapest, I would still try to arrange a last minute tour for you!

Please feel free to ask questions, so I can plan your personal itinerary and you may get the most out of your visit!


In 2006 I had the privilege of guiding the filming crew of the US series of History Channel, called the Cities of the Underworld (Seasons I. – City of Caves). This fascinating show takes you into the hidden parts of the underworld of Budapest, such as caves, tunnels and underground establishments.


I appear in the part, which covers the Hospital in the Rock, which used to be a military hospital during World War II and later - during the cold war - was partially converted into a nuclear bomb shelter! Since 2008 it is open to the public as a museum. (Check it out on Amazon: Cities of the Underworld Seasons I. Budapest - City of Caves).

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Andrea Makkay
Andrea Makkay, private tour guide, Budapest
Andrea Makkay
Andrea Makkay, private tour guide, Budapest
Andrea Makkay
Andrea Makkay
Andrea Makkay
Andrea Makkay
Andrea Makkay