Eger is one the most beautiful small, baroque towns of Hungary. It  also played a very important role in Hungarian history. The tour is a combination of the rich history, beautiful vistas and great wines!


After approximately 1,5hrs drive, you will be able to experience the traditional small-town atmosphere of Hungary.


You will be able visit Eger castle, walk in the old town and  stroll on Dobó square, visit the Minorities church, walk passed by the city hall, visit Eszterházy Károly Teacher's Training Collage: Library of the Diocese,  the exhibition of Astronomical Equipment, see the Camera Obscura, visit the Cathedral of Eger and a Turkish minaret.


Later you will proceed to Syrens' Walley, visit wine caves and taste some wonderful local wines.


This tour can only be a full day (9hrs) tour by minivan.

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