The Danube Bend tour goes along the River Danube to the northern direction from the capital.


The first stop is Esztergom, which is the ecclesiastical center of Hungary and has the largest Roman Catholic church of the country. The other side of the river is already Slovakia.


After visiting this majestic building the tour goes on to Visegrád, which used to be royal residence and where the ruins of a 13th century fortress can be found. You may enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the river Danube as well and get acquainted with the rich history of this area.


The last town is the charming, baroque artists' village of  Szentendre, which has a very special architecture and atmosphere, due the great number of Serbian refuges settling here in the 17th century. It also used to be the home and workshop for hundreds of artists at the turn of the century. It is well known for its charming colorful houses, narrow cobblestoned streets and patios, antique shops, museums and cafés.

It is also a great place for shopping and lunch.


This tour can only be a full day (8hrs) tour by minivan.

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