Budapest has an efficient, diverse and low-cost network of public transport, including bus, metro, trolley bus, tram, suburban railway lines (called HÉV lines), and boat services. By using any kind of transportation, you can reach your destination fast and convenient in the city. The Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) is responsible for the main transport services in Budapest (including bus, tram, metro, suburban, and trolleybus) in an integrated system.


Single or Transfer tickets


The single ticket is valid only for one trip on a single line, without interruption, on the full length of the route. Transfers between the metro lines are possible with this ticket.

With the transfer ticket, you can change to another service once. Validate ticket number 1 for the first vehicle and ticket number 2, after you transfer.




You may buy a one day, 3 days or one week visitors' pass, that covers all public transportation.

Up to five passengers traveling together, you may use the group Travelcard/pass.

Special fares apply to boats, bus line 100E, services leaving Budapest, as well as to heritage transport vehicles (funicular).

Where to get your ticket?


Ticket vending machines: Tickets and passes every day, round the clock with cash or bankcard.

BKK Customer Service Centers: Maps and brochures are also available. Cash and bankcards are accepted.

On board: only single ticket for a higher price. Please have the exact amount ready, as the driver does not have change.




You must validate your ticket at the beginning of your trip, as soon as you board! On the metro network, stamp your ticket with the validating machine, before you enter the station. No need to validate Travelcards or passes.


Keep your ticket until the end of your trip! Inspectors will issue a penalty fare to you if you travel without a validated ticket. You can pay in cash on the spot, or you can also pay with a bankcard at designated customer service centers.


Those who are traveling without valid ticket or pass can be fined by the inspectors. Ticket inspectors might appear suddenly on board. In case your travel with a Travelcard, you also need to carry your ID or Passport with your photo on it!


The obligated fines are:

HUF 8,000 HUF on the spot / HUF 16,000 afterwards by postal cheque.

At underground stations, you can only enter upon presenting your ticket or pass.





Budapest has more than 200 bus routes covering most inner city and suburban areas. Some routes offer an express service, indicated with an "E" following the bus number. On the main routes, services are available even during the night hours. Bus 27 takes you up to Gellért Hill.




The tram is the easiest and best way to get around the city. Lines 4 and 6 run on the Grand Boulevard from Széll Kálmán tér to Újbuda Központ and Móricz Zsigmond Körtér respectively.

Tram 6 runs all night. For a scenic route, take tram 2 on the Pest side of the river, which will take you past Chain Bridge and the Hungarian Parliament, or 41 or 19 in Buda.

Tickets are validated at a machine on-board.




Currently, there are four metro lines in Budapest:

  • M1 or the Yellow Line: between Vörösmarty tér and Mexikói út
  • M2 or the Red Line: between Déli pályaudvar and Örs vezér tere
  • M3 or the Blue Line: between Újpest Központ and Kőbánya-Kispest
  • M4 or the Green Line: between Kelenföld and Keleti pályaudvar


The Yellow Line is the oldest metro line in Hungary and also in Mainland Europe. It was opened in 1896 for the Hungarian Millennium. The newest line is M4 (Green Line) that was opened in 2014. Metro services run from 4:30 until 23:30.

Suburban trains (HÉV)


The suburban train service of Budapest called HÉV connects Budapest with its suburban areas. A popular journey for tourists is from Batthyány tér to Szentendre. Keep in mind that if you leave the administration border of Budapest, you need to purchase a special ticket to your destination.




Budapest has three public boat lines:

  • D-11: Müpa-Nemzeti Színház H – Újpest, Árpád út
  • D-12: Müpa-Nemzeti Színház H – Rómaifürdő
  • D-14: Soroksár, Molnár-sziget – Csepel-Királyerdő

One single ticket for public transport boat is HUF 750 or you can travel with your monthly Budapest pass free of charge.

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