After the Second World War Hungary became a communist country and ended up to be controlled by the powerful Soviet Union. This almost half a century period between 1945 and 1989 is a very interesting part of Hungarian history.


During the tour you will see the unique collection of communist statues in Memento Park outside of Budapest, that represent the social realistic art, visit places that had great interest during the uprising in 1956, which was a desperate attempt to get away from dictatorship and become free.

The uprising was not successful and it became possible to commemorate the freedom fighters only after the change of regime in 1989. You will see several of these memorial places as well. You will be able to hear from an authentic local person (your guide) how it was to live under communism, how everyday life was and how everything changed since the end of the dictatorship.


The tour includes: Memento Park (outside of Budapest – 30min drive) , Liberation Monument (Gellért Hill), Liberty square, Memorial to the Liberating Soviet Soldiers, statue of  Imre Nagy, Lajos Kossuth square: 1956 Memorial, Parliament (exterior)


This tour can only be a tour by minivan and it is a half day (4hrs) tour. It may be combined with other half day tours, so then it would be a full day.

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